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Cals 4 Life

Running more than 5,000 kilometers with the aim of tackling malnutrition, its secondary effects, and creating awareness in Guatemala

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“Sport is a journey that teaches you all of life’s lessons, the ultimate is not to win but to reach within the depths of your own capabilities and compete against yourself to the greatest extent possible.”

Daniela Andrade Dougherty is a retired professional soccer player and founding partner of Op Sports Agency, where athletes and their families are counseled in order to use sports as a growth mechanism for other areas, such as academics, competitive athletics, occupational skills, and personal development.

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According to UNICEF, Guatemala is the number 1 country in Latin America and the 6th in the World regarding malnutrition. This news impacted me so much, that I decided to make it my goal through this journey called CALS4LIFE – Running Across Chile. And I want you to join this fight! Register below and add your calories to this fight and make your donations to help malnourished families in Guatemala.

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Daniela is one of the strongest women I know. From a young age she made health and strength the priority in her life. Daniela has always made the right choices when it comes to sleeping properly, a healthy diet and prioritizing exercise. She Is a well rounded athlete in the sense that she is anaerobically fit, aerobically fit and strong.

She attacks fitness with a sense of competition and pride. When you use the word athlete, Daniela Andrade comes to mind for anyone who knows her. 


Denise Schilte-Brown

Head Women’s Soccer Coach, University of South Florida

En una palabra, admirable. Ver que alguien logra ayudar a los demás con su propia vocación.

No cualquiera tiene la mente para esa prueba, pero con las ganas que siempre se te ven ya te imagino llegar al final.


Javier Chocano

Fisioterapista , FISA